Africa's Innovative Exchange
Exchanges should be fast, safe and secure. Bank withdrawals and deposits should flow seemlessly. You should access your funds whenever you want as fast as possible.
Deposit cash using multiple deposit options including Paystack. OR deposit your cryptocurrency to our secure wallet with offline backup.
Buy or Sell Instantly from or bid from our peculiar high algorithm exchange and get your accounts credited instantly.
Seamless withdrawal to external bitcoin wallets. We have also introduced instant bank withdrawals.
Why use
Easy to use interface.
Buy, Sell and Trade Bitcoin starting with just the click of a button in most intuitive user interface yet.
Reliable funds protection.
Our bitcoin holdings are secure with Bitgo. With industry standard security systems against
Fast deposit and withdrawal.
Get your cash when you want it. Powered by Paystack.
All your digital assets secure both online and offline in cold storage to prevent loss of funds.
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