About Us
Building the fastest and most intuitive way to securely store, buy, sell, trade and learn about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in Africa.

The development of the blockchain is the best thing that happened to technology. A revolutionary creation built around transparency, security and trust with a currency built around the same philosophy. Not controlled by any government of individuals, but by everyone who hold it Truly remarkable.

In recent times, the African market has been the go-to market for every tech business in the world, the next gold mine, yet cryptocurrency solutions have not been properly suited for the African market.

Enter UNICORN.NG, Africa's fastest and most intuitive way to store, buy, sell, trade and learn about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Exchanges should be fast, safe and secure. You should access your funds whenever you want as fast as possible.
We have brought down a rather complicated process to three simple steps:

Deposit cash using multiple deposit options including Paystack. OR deposit your cryptocurrency to our secure wallet with offline backup.

Buy or Sell Instantly from Unicorn.ng or bid from our peculiar high algorithm exchange and get your Unicorn.ng accounts credited instantly.

Seamlessly withdraw to external bitcoin wallets.

Think UNICORN.NG, Think Fast, Think Safe, Think Secure!

"Our mission is to bring Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency solutions closer to Africans."
- Precious Chukundah, Co-founder and CEO.
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246 Obi-Wali Road, Rumuigbo
Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
(234) 805- 6152 - 316